Currently Coveting

My eyes may be bigger than my wallet, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about getting my hands on these pieces. These are the bags, shoes, and outerwear that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about recently.

Simon Miller Bonsai 15 Mini Bucket Bag

I’ve had a thing for bucket bags all summer. The fact that this bag is so tiny it may not even fit an iPhone 7 Plus makes it even more appealing to my obsessed-with-everything-miniature self.

Rut&Circle Leopard Fur Coat

I’ve been searching for a faux leopard fur coat that I can actually afford since forever ago and this one is an affordable-enough $107. I don’t even know why I want one so badly other than the fact that I have been imagining myself sitting alone at a dimly lit bar, sipping on an old-fashioned, draped in one of these and exuding an air of mystery and don’t-fuck-with-me vibes (lol) for way too long. It’s time my vision was realized, IMO.

Aldo Bellone Bone Pumps

I haven’t exactly decided whether this beige cap-toe style is hideous or amazing, but I’m pretty sure I want these. I feel like there’s something decidedly French girl chic about this style. I’ve been searching for a cheaper alternative to the Chanel cap-toe slingback pumps and these are on sale for only $32! I could see myself wearing these with my light wash cropped flared Levi’s and a plain white tee for a casual, chic granny look.

RĂ©alisation The Emilie Shibuya Dress

I’m probably a little late to the proverbial party, but I found out about Realisation about a month ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this dress since. I already have at least three versions of this style in my closet, but I never said that I was a practical spender (I am not). It’s the perfect little 90’s party dress and I can see it looking amazing styled with a chunky pair of Doc Marten’s-style boots.

Simonetta Ravizza Slouchy Tote Bag

As a rule, I love anything that is extra, completely unnecessary, and pretty much entirely impractical. Alas, here we have the one bag that satisfies all three of those criterion. Yes, this bag would be ruined after a three-second rainstorm or an iced coffee spillage. But it’s pink (my favorite color), furry (can you tell I love furry things yet), and I need it. I also love that it’s slouchy and the handles intertwine. Since I’m broke as f***, I’ll probably end up buying the Topshop version that costs a fraction of this one.