Versus Versace SS18 Is an Ode to My Love for Checkerboard

I was not prepared for the level of personal significance the Versus Versace collection would unleash on my eyeballs. I’m not even being dramatic. I unsuspectingly opened the Vogue app at breakfast, browsed through the newest collections like I’ve done every morning since New York, and gasped. What is this I see? Enough checkerboard to clothe every hypebae and hypebeast for the rest of eternity?? Alas, that was exactly what I was seeing. The funny thing is that, despite my slightly embarrassing obsession with checkerboard, I’ve never actually bought anything checkerboard. Vans have always seemed too de rigeur, the odd checkerboard iPhone case too trendy for something that’s probably going to get lost or broken within weeks in my hands, and the checkerboard striped track pants too Kardashian. But those checkerboard high heeled sock boots and that checkerboard coat have me rethinking the lack of checkerboard in my closet. The off-the-shoulder mini dresses, with their dramatic cinched waists and flared hems, and the pink sweater dress set and puffer coat also got me a little too excited. Honestly, nothing gets much better for me than the marriage of pink and checkerboard, two of my greatest loves.

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