Currently Coveting: Spring Refresh

I look forward to the closet refresh of spring every year. Yes, the pretense may be different considering I live in a climate where it’s technically summer all year long but the symbolism still stands. There’s something extremely rewarding about replacing the old, never-worn clothes in your closet with shiny new pieces come the first hint of warmer weather. I may be in Miami, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be participating in my own spring refresher this year.



Who doesn’t want to dress like one of the Ref’ girls?


I think the main reason I like this shirt is that it gave me major Fran Fine vibes the first time I saw it and every time I look at it I can hear her voice in my head.


This sweater could probably win an ugly contest but, like, I also love it? It’s like if a Pucci print and a Missoni knit had a baby and it’s delightful.


I’m really digging the 17th century peasant girl look for spring. Is that a thing? I feel like this is something the most stylish girl in Shakespeare’s village would’ve worn.




I have a slight obsession with wedgie jeans. I already have a pair of wedgies from Levi’s but I think I could have 19 pairs and it still wouldn’t be enough. I think I automatically associate these with every impossibly beautiful 90’s supermodel, so every time I see a pair online I automatically have to have them because I believe they’re going to make my waist look just as tiny. Maybe not, but they still tend to accentuate the booty nicely.

Dolls Kill

GINGHAM. I think gingham prints are officially the new “florals for spring” but I don’t really care. This skirt looks uber comfy and perfect for a springtime dinner in which I eat way too many bread rolls, tortilla chips, carbs in appetizer form, etc. and need to let myself breathe a bit. Or for rolling through the McDonald’s drive-thru post-Friday night out. Take your pick (can you tell I like eating a lot).




Who doesn’t love the ease of a slip-on shoe? Gucci may have spawned the slip-on loafer trend, but Everlane’s rendition is deliciously pretentious without reaching Gucci levels of pretentiousness, ya know? They’re like something that a broker bro would wear to work, but in sandal form. How fun is that?

Urban Outfitters

I’m so happy mules are still a thing. I think I just like mules because they show off my ankles, which are inexplicably small compared to the rest of my body and make me feel like a petite maiden when I am, in fact, a 5’9″ non-maiden. We love skinny maiden ankles, right girls? Anyway, I was worried that after my reluctance to jump on the metaphorical mule boat last summer I had missed my chance, but it thankfully appears that I haven’t. These are pretty inexpensive (and pink!), so I think they’re doubly worth the investment in the mule trend.

Virgil Abloh x Nike AF 1

I’ve been meaning to get a pair of Air Force 1’s for awhile now but I didn’t want a basic white pair. I love the off-white sole and the blue and orange accents on these and will be impatiently waiting for them to arrive online later this summer.

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